Education Council continue to promote and seek cooperation from all segments in NQF

Education Council continue to promote and seek cooperation from all segments in NQF

          Office of the Education Council (OEC) held a virtual meeting on January 11, 2021, of a working group that held a responsibility to promote cooperation and develop participation in all sectors to drive National Qualification Framework (NQF), a system that records the credits assigned to each level of learning achievement.

          Mrs Yupin Kanjanawikai, the president of the working group, chaired the meeting with Mr Kawin Sursakul, the director of the Education Planning and Policy Bureau, Mrs Aumpa Promwat, the director of the General Administration Bureau, Mrs Nanticha Waiyanop, the director of Corporate Communication Bureau, and working groups from relevant sectors participated. The objective aimed to raise awareness and emphasize the importance of NQF systems amongst all relevant sectors.

          The meeting resolved with three main actions for the working group including:

          1. Create website and media that suits all target groups, design brand identity and come up with branding strategy to drive the NQF.

          2. Introduce NQF to the public to raise awareness amongst the relevant agencies and people in all sectors.

          3. Build proactive public relation and communication teams that reach directly to key stakeholders in all relevant departments including conveying and create understanding of the NQF system among educational sector and the public. As for this part, roadshow events are also planned to be established as soon as possible.

          The working group will closely work with the subcommittee and relevant groups under the NQF committee to keep up with situations and integrate works to drive NQF system forward.

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