Office of the Education Council

Strategic Plan (B.E. 2545 – 2564)


4.1Vision (B.E. 2559 – 2564)

      OECis a leading organizationwhich motivates the national education and human resource development to enhance global competitiveness.


     1)To formulate and implement educational policies, schemes, and standards and enhance human resource development to upgrade the quality of education, as well as to improve the equality of educational opportunity and employment prospects;

    2) To carry out and support policy research to develop policies, plans, and standards for quality education and human resource development;

    3)To monitor and evaluate the educational management as well as develop an evaluation system for the educational management and human resource development;

    4)  To carry out legal work related to education and human resource development;

    5)  To encourage collaboration to drive education and human resource development; and 

    6)  To enhance the effectiveness of organization management under good governance


      OEC: Obligation... Excellence... Collaboration

      OECstrives for excellence in educational policy making with the collaboration with all sectors.

By Acronyms


O – Obligation          means     Commitment to the development and implementation of  educational policies.

E – Excellence         means     Great efforts and continuous self-improvement to enhance excellence in the body of knowledge in education.

C – Collaboration     means      Proactive collaboration with all sectors with a sense of ownership.